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Here’s what you will get.

  • A weekly invitation to send out to all of your referral partners
  • A personalized registration page for your agents to sign up (you get notified when they do)
  • A four part boot camp to get you started
  • A private Facebook page to ask questions and mastermind with other members
  • A private Facebook page for your AGENTS where they can ask questions and mastermind with other agent members
  • A replay page to send to your agents of the last 10 classes

All for just $97 a month! No contracts, no hassles!

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Agent Mastermind…Helping Loan Officers connect with
over 4500 agents.

Julie Brown Swenson

I have been a member now for a few months and kept putting this off because I didn't "have time" I blocked off some time and get this thing started...I feel like smacking myself....this is so easy!

Mike Sturdyvin

Had an agent call me this morning and tell me I am doing more for Realtors than any other Loan Officer in town!

Fred Gruber

I had 5 agents sign up for the last webinar. I was able to convert two of them to appointments for further conversation about working together.

Chuck Reed

This is no joke....of the 30 Realtor relationships I have with AMM...15 signed up for this event today. We may break some more records today!

Cindy Eyanson

This week's class is hitting the agents hot button. Sign ups are off the chart!

Cam Lucero

This group is amazingly inspirational! I have been trying to get this realtor in my area for a few months now and thanks to MMA I am now going to be her preferred lender.

Greg Clausen

Thanks. MMA and AAM have made me fall in love with this business I've been in for 20 years all over again!

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